SOiL Guitarist Adam Zadel Felt That Nü-Metal Began To Die Out With The Passing Of Drowning Pool’s Dave Williams


While nü-metal has been enjoying a surprisingly prominent resurgence in recent years, there was a prolonged period of time where the genre and largely everything associated with it was a dirty word. As the early 2000s gave way to metalcore and skinny jeans, the genre associated with tracksuits, baggy jeans and chain wallets was left by the wayside for the next new thing.

It’s not that nü-metal wasn’t at least in part guilty for its own initial demise. While the genre produced numerous stars in the likes of Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Korn, Slipknot, Disturbed and more, a dilution of the market by countless clones, the commercial aspirations being pressed upon bands by major labels, and a general lack of dysfunction amid some well-documented hard partying had all taken a heavy toll.

SOiL guitarist Adam Zadel seemingly felt at the time that another moment in nü-metal history that may have also played a part in the genre’s downfall. Buoyed by the success of their enduring and eventually platinum-certified single “Bodies“, Drowning Pool were quickly blazing a path to becoming one of the genre’s headlining artists.

However, an undiagnosed heart condition would claim the life of the group’s vocalist Dave Williams following a well-received run on the 2021 ‘Ozzfest‘. While Drowning Pool have continued on since, they were never able to once again reach the commercial highs of the Williams era.

Speaking recently on the Nu Pod, SOiL bassist/vocalist Tim King relayed how Zadel felt that Williams‘s death would play a part in the nü-metal collapse:

“It’s kind of crazy how different sort of genres kinda come in and come out. It’s like hair metal was a very dirty word for a longtime. But now people love it, you know with the Mötley CrüeDirt” record coming out; Steel Panther making kind of a mockumentary ‘Spinal Tap‘ out of it—all these bands doing that.

Metalcore was huge for awhile. That’s what kinda took over where nü-metal left off and that kinda just went down into a slump and nobody really talks about it anymore. Now you have nü-metal coming back and probably after that wears out metalcore will be back. It kinda comes back in these full swings and stuff, it’s pretty exciting.

Our SOiL guitarist Adam had told me after we left Dave Williams from Drowning Pool‘s funeral he goes, ‘I hate to say it, man, but I think nü-metal might have died with Dave Williams.’ And he was kind of on to something on that because it kind of started to take a downturn after that, and then just kind of went away.

And metalcore and white belts and all that stuff kind of took over. But it’s cool to see it all back now, we’re pretty excited.

We rode out the wave, we haven’t stopped.”

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