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Boundaries Debut “Easily Erased” Video From Guest-Filled New Album “Death Is Little More”


Easily Erased” is the first single to receive a release from Boundaries‘ forthcoming album, “Death Is Little More“. That effort has been lined up for a March 29th release date through 3DOT Recordings and is available to pre-order through

A video for the single was lensed by Errick Easterday (Varials, Undeath). Vocalist Matt McDougal commented of the record, which was produced, mixed and mastered by Randy LeBoeuf (Gideon, The Acacia Strain):

“‘Death Is Little More‘ is the culmination of our efforts at their deepest and darkest. We wanted to create something that embraces, frightens, and calls the listener to action. It’s one part diary, and one part doomsday.”

McDougal also spoke on the album’s title, which took inspiration from the Dante Alighieri poem, ‘Inferno, Canto I’:

“Dante mentions dying would be barely any worse than living in a bitter black forest of existence. an idea I took and largely applied to the record thematically. ‘Death Is Little More‘ is about life at its most difficult. You’re not going to end your life, but you’re so stressed and overwhelmed that your life ending would feel like just another incident on the list. The concept stuck with me..”

Several guest vocalists have lent their talents to this album, including Kublai Khan TX‘s Matt Honeycutt on “Blood Soaked Salvation“, Alpha Wolf‘s Lochie Keogh on “A Pale Light Lingers” and Invent Animate‘s Marcus Vik on “Blame’s Burden“.

Death Is Little More” track listing:

01 – “Turning Hate Into Rage
02 – “Darkness Shared
03 – “Like Petals From A Stem
04 – “Easily Erased
05 – “Cursed To Remember
06 – “Death Is Little More
07 – “A Pale Light Lingers” (feat. Lochie Keogh of Alpha Wolf)
08 – “Face The Blade
09 – “Scars On A Soul
10 – “Blame’s Burden” (feat. Marcus Vik of Invent Animate)
11 – “Blood Soaked Salvation” (feat. Matt Honeycutt of Kublai Khan TX)
12 – “Inhale The Grief

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