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Mick Mars Scores Initial Victory Over Mötley Crüe Amid Ugly Legal Battle


Ex-Mötley Crüe guitarist Mick Mars has scored an initial victory in the ongoing legal proceedings launched between him and his former bandmates in the aforementioned multi-platinum glam rock outfit.

The gist of the matter is that Mars feels that his former bandmates unjustly cut him out of the band, after he opted to stepdown from the band’s future touring throughout the past year and beyond. The 71-year-old Mars, who suffers from Ankylosing spondylitis, felt that the rigors of the road were become too much for him, though he remained open to select shows,  potential residencies and studio work.

His bandmates however argued that in stepping down from playing with the band, Mars violated an agreement which all members of the group had signed back in 2008. That agreement essentially stipulated that in order to receive their continued respective shares of the band’s revenues, they had to remain an active member. They alleged that in stepping down from touring, Mars had legally cut himself out of the majority of future profits earned by the band.

Mars however argued that he didn’t quit the band, and thus should remain entitled to his expected 25% stake. The group themselves presented Mars with a ‘severance package’ of sorts which entitled him to as much as 7.5% of the band’s 2023 touring revenues (which Mars did not perform at), as long as he divested himself of his stake afterwards. You can find more on that in this past story.

In light of his refusal to agree to that package, Mötley Crüe took legal action against Mars, attempting to force arbitration to resolve the dispute over the package and Mars giving up his rights to most aspects of the band’s business going forward. Mars went on to countersue the band, claiming that he was made aware of the existence of several band-related business entities amid the legal wrangling over the arbitration.

As such, Mars set out to uncover access to the band’s financial records in a bid to establish any potential lost earnings or financial misdeeds in regards to money owed to him. It is that matter that has just made its way to the courts. Rolling Stone report that Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James C. Chalfant ruled that Mars‘ legal fees on that matter will be covered by the band’s camp.

The judge found that the Crüe camp had failed to provide Mars with all of the financial/corporate documentation in a timely manner, waiting some eight months to provide him with all the records and corporate documents, after initially opnly providing him with some of them. That initial discrepancy led to prodding by Mars camp for all the documents.

In light of that delay, the judge was swayed that Mars was justly compelled to sue to get access to the documents, and that the Crüe camp will be on the hook for his legal fees over the matter.

However, with those documents now in his possession, Mars‘ lawsuit is now essentially resolved, with the judge ruling that he won’t be granted access to the band’s 2023 ledger as he had not filed requests for them as being outstanding amid a follow-up request for documents this past November.

Sasha Grid of Miller Barondess, who represents Mötley Crüe, told Rolling Stone of the ruling:

“The case is over. That’s the key takeaway. By denying the petition as moot and ending the case, the court found that the band turned over all the documents to Mars and there is nothing more to do. The band went above and beyond its obligations by providing much more documents than the statute required – indeed, the court’s decision explained the thousands of documents that the band provided to Mars.”

Mars‘ legal team didn’t agree with the above assessment shared by their rival representation, as the heart of the matter, whether or not Mars‘ ouster from the band can be considered being illegal, is still headed for private arbitration later in the year.

Amid the outbreak of the initial legalities, the whole situation between Mars and the band turned ugly with various allegations of lip syncing and miming tracks amid their reunion touring being lobbed about. There were also allegations that Mars‘ playing ability had deteriorated sharply, with audio professionals correcting his parts on the fly. Both parties denied those respective allegations made against each other.

Since parting ways with Mars, Mötley Crüe have welcomed ex-Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 to their ranks,  playing shows and hitting the studio with him to record new material.

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