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Converge’s Jacob Bannon Speaks On Upcoming “Bloodmoon: II” Album


Back in 2021, visceral metalcore outfit Converge joined forces with Cave In, etc. vocalist/guitarist Stephen Brodsky, as well as Chelsea Wolfe, and her bandmate Ben Chisholm, to release the album “Bloodmoon: I“. That opus gestated in the years after the aforementioned musicians took part in a special collaborative set together under the Bloodmoon banner at the 2016 ‘Roadburn Festival‘.

While it’s been a few years, ‘Bloodmoon: II” is indeed still in the pipeline. Converge vocalist Jacob Bannon was recently asked about that follow-up in the below interview with Talking Records. When asked about that follow-up, Bannon replied:

“There is a ‘Blood Moon: II‘—and hopefully more will be recorded… A lot of music when we initially the first Bloodmoon sessions, and it’s just sort of mutating and evolving into its own thing.

Definitely Ben and Chelsea are involved and Steve‘s involved. We might have some other people work with us too that are friends. Just, ya know, put something together that is sonically interesting to us.

We’ll get there, it’s just there’s only so much time in the day. We want to be able to travel and do our normal bands too. So, we’re trying to make time for it. We will.”

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