Endseeker Really Committed With Their “Global Worming” Music Video


Endseeker‘s new album “Global Worming” made its way out into the world today, October 27th. Arriving in tandem with the album is a music video for its title track. The German death metal outfit had Philipp Hirsch & Alexander Dietz oversee the directorial duties for that.

The band’s guitarist Ben Liepelt previously spoke of the album’s concept, offering:

“‘Global Worming‘ revolves around a dystopian future where zombie worms overrun our planet and eat us all until we go extinct. All that’s left is this enormous amount of slimy, nasty, undead worms and bugs, nesting inside empty skulls and other human remains, and living their best undead life.

It’s the kind of classic end-of-the-world story we have in death metal! Phonetic similarities between the song title and possible real life future events that threaten our very existence are totally by chance and unintentional!”

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