Betraying The Martyrs

Betraying The Martyrs Announce Their Breakup, Debut “Irae + The Veil” Music Video


French metalcore outfit Betraying The Martyrs have decided to call it a day. In a newly issued statement, the group announced their decision to put an end to their 15-year run with the debut of their final music video for “Irae + The Veil“. Additionally, a final EP titled “Godspeed” consisting of the two aforementioned tracks has also been digitally released.

The band’s statement reads as follows:

Betraying The Martyrs have decided to part ways.

After a 15 years old very successful career that has seen the French band perform over 990 concerts throughout the whole world, BTM have decided to call it a day.

As we’ve always been, we’d like to remain transparent with you guys, who have been supporting us for all these years and through so many events.

Today’s world’s economical situation, and never ending increases in touring costs (during & right after Covid) took a massive toll on all of us, financially but also individually (physically and mentally) and we simply came to the conclusion that we don’t have the strength to move forward together anymore. For the past months, we have been struggling to function as a band, to make consensual, unanimous decisions and to be able to all look in the same directions.

That being said, it is with a lot of emotions and a very heavy heart that we would like to present to you our very last piece, a beautiful 7 minutes-long music video that took us immense efforts in the making. A farewell gift for you all to enjoy.

We would like to thank every single one of you for all those beautiful years spent together, we will cherish those memories for the rest of our lives.”

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