Racetraitor Announce New Album “Creation And The Timeless Order Of Things”


Experimental hardcore activists Racetraitor will be dropping their new album “Creation And The Timeless Order Of Things” through Good Fight Music on November 17th. The outfit are preparing fans for that with the arrival of the first single “Eid” and its accompanying music video.

That song finds the band’s vocalist Mani Mostofi and guitarist Dan Binaei digging into their own familial ties to Iran and the aftermath of the 1979 revolution. Fared Shafinury and Patrick Hassan (xRepentancex) both guest on the track.

Speaking of the record, Mostofi offered:

“In the past people seemed more interested in our story as a band than the themes we sing about. So I tried to create an album that bridges that. What have we seen and experienced that makes us the people and band we are.

Places that our families are from, places that we have lived or worked. And through these geographies we address all sorts of socio-political issues from exploitation of migrant workers to domestic violence to indigenous rights. The end result is a much more personal record.”

A wealth of guests were recruited to flesh out this record, see for yourself via the below track listing:

01 – “Eid” (feat. Fared Shafinury, and Patrick Hassan of xRepentancex)
02 – “Chamelecón” (feat. Hera)
03 – “Cave Of The Patriarchs
04 – “Godspeed
05 – “Land Acknowledgment
06 – “Pastoral Monolith” (feat. Dennis Lyxzén of Refused)
07 – “Black Creek / Red River” (feat. Tim Kinsella)
08 – “Santa Apolonia” (feat. Ruben L. Garza Jr)
09 – “Sarcophagus
10 – “Subordinate Terror” (feat. Stan Liszewski of Terminal Nation)
11 – “Cape Rerenga” (feat. Carrie Gerardi)
12 – “Sword” (feat. Sanket Lama of Chepang)
13 – “Pangaea Proxima

Ethan Lee McCarthy of Primitive Man fame is also said to have contributed to the effort as well.

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