Blue Ridge Rock Festival

Blue Ridge Rock Festival Issue New Statement, Claim Decision To Cancel Was “Based Solely On Safety Concerns Caused By Weather”


A fresh statement has been issued by the ‘Blue Ridge Rock Festival‘ organizers today, September 22nd. That festival was met with numerous issues, among them severe weather battering the festival during day one. However, media reports and accounts of individuals who spent time at the festival claim that weather wasn’t the only thing that saw the festival ultimately cut short.

Allegations of poor working conditions, lack of staff, miscommunications and even a striking workforce have cropped up since the festival was cancelled on September 09th. At the time, the organizers blamed that cancellation on severe weather.

Numerous others have however disputed this across the media and social media, claiming that the cancellation was likely made in response to a strike deadline said to have been imposed on the festival by a few hundred of the staff who were working the event.

The new statement from the festival reads as follows:

“We are continually working around the clock for you. As one of the few true independent entities remaining, and with just one event a year, the process we are currently working through does unfortunately take additional time. Blue Ridge deeply regrets the unexpected turn of events that led to the festival’s cancellation. The decision, although difficult, was taken in collaboration with an emergency management team, comprised of local, county, and state officials, as well as venue representatives. It was a collective choice made in the best interest of everyone’s safety, including attendees, musicians, and campers. Contrary to some claims, the decision was based solely on safety concerns caused by the weather.

Due to a combination of internal considerations and external factors, we are unable to offer more details at this time, but we are looking forward to doing so. We appreciate your patience and understanding and will communicate further information as soon we are able. We do want to know we hear you and understand your concerns. We ask for your continued patience.”


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