Wratheon Debut “We’re All Fallen” Video


Melodic black metal project Wratheon are on track to release their new album “Becoming Nil” on October 20th via Seek And Strike. A video for the song “We’re All Fallen” is streaming below, along with some commentary on the album and the track from the band’s vocalist David. Here’s what the latter had to say:

“Our new album, Becoming Nil, is basically the exploration of my own feelings with nihilism. Each track has its own horror movie storyline that usually involves finding beauty in small moments. I definitely wanted to make sure that the main theme was prevalent in each song through the melodies and chord structures.

The video doesn’t go with the storyline of the song. Instead, it’s a story of a young professional woman dealing with the very real horrible society norms, unjust working environments and the emotional toll of it all. I chose ‘We’re All Fallen,’ as the first single mainly because it’s more approachable to a wider audience.

I’ll always prefer the route of an indie label and signing with Seek and Strike is like a dream come true. They allow me creative freedom and a depth of knowledge that really is going to help this partnership thrive.

In terms of song-writing, usually I’ll have the main chorus hook locked in by the time I’m musically done crafting the song, which drives the overall story and tone. From there, I channel a specific horror movie like theme and start going through it start to finish. I prefer to explore my songs as more short stories and that helps me bring all the ideas to life, as you’ll soon hear on this full-length release.”

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