Night Verses

Hear Tool’s Justin Chancellor Guest On New Night Verses Track “Séance”


Progressive instrumental collective Night Verses are joined by Tool bassist Justin Chancellor on their newly released album “Every Sound Has A Color In The Valley Of Night: Part 1“. The esteemed four-stringer can be heard on “Séance“—the closing track for the first half of this eventual double album.

Chancellor previously collaborated with Night Verses drummer Aric Improta on the song “EXU” back in 2021.

Also just in from the album is a visualizer for the album track “8 Gates Of Pleasure“. The band said of this first half of the album now being released:

“It’s kind of a weight off our shoulders to finally release this album after writing for so long, if we’re being honest. We started writing these songs before we even released our last record in 2018, so it’s been a long time coming.

That being said, we genuinely needed all of that time to get this record to where it’s at. We wrote and rewrote these songs a million times. We wrote tons of parts and songs that we loved but just didn’t make the cut. Between the 3 of us, the most important thing was that we were 100% satisfied that we made the best record we could. As of now, I think we accomplished that.

Between 2012 and 2017 we put out records and toured around non-stop. That part of our lives still has a huge impact on us, and we talk a lot about certain landscapes and specific drives – how we’d purposefully create playlists that matched the moods and feelings we had while essentially driving around the world together.

That influence ended up being an underlying concept for this record. There’s a ‘map’ included in the vinyl artwork that shows all the locations that correspond to the songs, and where they are meant to be listened to (to hopefully express themselves to the fullest extent, as those are the locations we were channeling when writing the songs.)

Ultimately we want the listener to absorb the album however comes natural to them, but if we can act as a guide to assist it with the locations – then that’s just an added bonus, in our minds anyway.”

Speaking of “8 Gates Of Pleasure“, they added:

“With ‘8 Gates Of Pleasure‘ (and all of our album openers), we’ve always had two sort of ‘requirements’ we apply. 1. It needs to feel like a thesis statement of the entire record, a song that hints at all the pieces of the rest of the album. 2. It needs to be immediately unpredictable, something that keeps you from knowing what’s coming next.

Quentin Tarantino said a good story needs to unfold without you knowing what to expect. We get a lot of influence from films and other art forms outside of music – and that concept specifically has always stuck with us. We definitely tried to lean into it when we were developing this song, especially once we knew it was going to be the album opener.”

The second half of Night Verses‘ aforementioned double album is expected to see the light of day in early 2024. It will feature guest appearances from Incubus vocalist Brandon Boyd, Circa Survive/L.S. Dunes, etc. vocalist Anthony Green & industrial one-man band Author & Punisher.

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