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Fake Figures (Atreyu, Etc.) Introduce New Vocalist With “Miasmatic”


Fake Figures have released a brand new single titled “Miasmatic“. That song kicks off the campaign for the band’s new EP “From Within“, which is headed for a release on September 29th. Fake Figures feature members of Atreyu, Scars Of Tomorrow and more, and recorded this outing with producer Kris Comeaux (Assuming We Survive).

The aforementioned single is the first new music from the group since their 2019 release, “We Are Dead“. It also serves as the official introduction to the band’s latest vocalist Steve Ludwig (ex-Nation’s Afire). He previously held down the drums in the outfit before replacing Rus Martin (Hotwire, etc.). In turn, Matt Horwitz (Adamantium) has assumed the drumming duties.

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Ludwig commented:

“In this world, we have two choices; Stand up and rise above, or breathe the noxious gas that is being stuffed down our throats every day. From big corporate media to negative social media outlets, there are simply too many negatives and not enough positives for me today. For me, the song [‘Miasmatic‘] represents a relationship I’ve had with music all my life. I’ve usually been in a position where people heavily produce what I’ve written from home and from the heart. Where people have always told me how to write, and how to sing, and ultimately curbed my creativity.

I sincerely hope to do the old songs justice, but I hope you dig the new jams. I think of these songs as my therapy, and I hope the listener can relate to what I’m putting out there into the world. Thanks for checking it out.”

From Within” track listing:

01 – “Burn The Tyrants
02 – “Miasmatic
03 – “Best Intentions
04 – “Polymer
05 – “My Homage

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