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Sepultura To Celebrate 40th Anniversary With New Live Album


Brazilian metal legends Sepultura will be ringing in their 40th anniversary next year with a live album. While the band have no intentions on reuniting with their early members in the Cavalera brothers of Max and Iggor, they do have special plans in place.

Guitarist Andreas Kisser commented on that recently with HeadBangers LifeStyle. Replying to whether or not the group have begun writing the follow-up to their latest release “Quadra“, he responded:

“Not at all. We’re working on a live album. We’re gonna celebrate 40 years next year, and we wanna do something really special. We are already recording all the shows on this tour. We’re gonna record all the shows and when we feel we have the material, we’re gonna put out something really special for the fans.

I think this lineup is the lineup that he has to be registered on stage like that. And we are enjoying ourselves so much with the crowd. [We’re having] smiles on our faces, having a good time. You know, why not? We’re metal, but we smile too. [Laughs]”



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