Alkaloid (Obscura, Etc.) Debut “Numen (Dyson VII)” Lyric Video


Alkaloid (Obscura, Triptykon and Dark Fortress) have released a lyric video for their track “Numen (Dyson VII)“. The song is part of a saga featured upon the group’s forthcoming album “Numen“. According to a press release, ”Numen‘ is a cosmic seven-minute yarn of how a supermassive black hole came to burp up an unheard-of cosmic artifact that gives both the song – and their new album – its name.’

Guitarist/vocalist Morean added:

“We proudly present the title track of our new album, and the first of three new chapters in the ongoing Dyson saga up the Kardashev Scale. Through the mindbogglingly complex manipulation of mass, electromagnetism and the structure of spacetime itself over countless aeons, ‘Numen‘ transforms into an acceleration hub for sentinel worldlets sent toward other galaxies”.

“Musically, I mangled materials inspired by Rainbow and Pink Floyd, as well as Meshuggah into a polyrhythmic context, while still staying true to the sound of our Dyson world. The subtle but continuous disturbance of the main 12/16 groove by a stubborn 7/16 layer is a hint at the massive forces at play in the story.”

A September 15th release date has been set for “Numen” through Season Of Mist.

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