Alkaloid Debut First Single From Their Newly Announced Album “Numen”


Alkaloid, the progressive death metal outfit featuring current/former members of Obscura, Triptykon and Dark Fortress, will be dropping their new album “Numen” on September 15th via Season Of Mist. “Clusterfuck” has been launched as the first single from that 70-minute opus, with the band stating the below of it:

“It’s one of our shorter and more moderate tracks – maybe uncharacteristically so, once you see the whole album. But ‘Clusterfuck‘ still covers the classic Alkaloid spectrum between groove, hooks, brutality and complexity. The lyrics address the question of why we as a species should aspire to greatness at all, when we know that in all probability, we’re going to fail anyway.”

Numen” track listing:

Disc 1:

01 – “Qliphosis
02 – “The Cambrian Explosion
03 – “Clusterfuck
04 – “Shades Of Shub-Niggurath
05 – “A Fool’s Desire
06 – “The Fungi From Yuggoth

Disc 2:

01 – “The Black Siren” (Instrumental)
02 – “Numen (Dyson VII)
03 – “Recursion (Dyson VIII)
04 – “The Folding (Dyson IX)
05 – “Alpha Aur

You can pre-order it here. An official press release shed some more insight into the album’s origins, offering:

‘The title, ‘Numen‘, got its start at the dawning of Alkaloid. It’s a word that Morean fell in love with immediately, and he knew it had a place in his creative endeavors. Whereas The Malkuth Grimoire talked about combining existing elements into new structures, and Liquid Anatomy dealt with the creation of new elements, ‘Numen‘ tries to look at the universe from a kind of meta-perspective from an imaginary god, as if the space that everything happens in was given a voice and a role as observer and shaper of everything that happens.

In it, sentient panspermic mycelia are swathed in Lovecraftian nastiness—like Shub-Niggurath and the Fungi from Yuggoth—while the new Dyson chapters interpret the aspiration to reach divinity rather literally, reshaping the entire galaxy by manipulating spacetime itself.

Desperate to escape their doom, the Cephalopods from previous songs have returned, too. ‘Numen‘ is dense but not impenetrable. In fact, from the first moments of opener, “Qliphosis,” to the final contemplation of closer “Alpha Aur,” Alkaloid prove to be more charismatic than ever.’

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