Bane’s Aaron Bedard Hopeful For New Material: “I Don’t Want To Keep Putting Out Reissues. I Want To Put Out Something New.”


This year’s return of Bane may not be limited solely to live shows. While no firm plans are in place as of yet, the reunited Worcester, MA hardcore punk outfit’s frontman Aaron Bedard is hopeful that new material will follow this year’s victory lap.

While he cautioned against the idea of doing a full album, he remains optimistic about writing a at least handful of new songs and seeing where things progress from there.

Speaking with Revolver on that recently, he offered:

“Yeah, for sure. I mean, for me [writing new music is] when it’ll feel the most real. All this stuff is easy. [Playing live] is the stuff that would leap to mind immediately when I was thinking about what I missed, the explosiveness of being onstage and kids all around you. When I wanted Bane back, that’s the easy thing, but really, I’m a creative person. The idea of a blank page is fucking thrilling to me, and it was something that I also had taken away. I wasn’t able to make music with those guys anymore.

Our last experience of making a record together, Don’t Wait Up, was a very fulfilling experience. I was able to make it at a time in my life where I could appreciate what was going on … I think having Bane back will not feel real until we at least write a song. I don’t know if we can do another record. I don’t know if we’re ever going to tour or if we’ll ever get in there and write another 10 songs, but I would be psyched to write two and see how that feels.

I’m so endlessly curious to know what we would come up with. We’ve kicked the idea around a lot and [Zach Jordan, guitarist] keeps saying things that make me nervous. That if we’re going to write, they have to be the best songs we’ve ever written. I’m just like, ‘No, that’s too much. Your head is going to explode. That’s too much pressure. Let’s just try to write the most honest song that we can and not worry about what we did on any of the past records. Not worry about what any Bane fan would expect from us. Just write what’s in that fucking heart of yours and I’ll write the lyrics and we’ll see if it’s good or not.’

There is a challenge here where I feel that a lot of bands who were around, put out some good records, broke up and came back years later. There are not a lot of those bands that came back with good music, with records that stand up. Maybe Lifetime, their self-titled record is pretty fucking amazing. I think when it’ll feel the most real to me is when I’m hovered over a blank page writing lyrics or in the rehearsal space, working really hard to try to write new music. But nothing has been planned yet.

We’re still kind of just taking everything one slow step at a time. We got Furnace Fest next month and then there’s some buzz about some stuff happening next year. I am hoping that soon enough we will be like, ‘Let’s write a song.’ I don’t want to keep putting out reissues. I want to put out something new.”

Bane will be on stage once again next month for the annual ‘Furnace Fest‘. They’ll be co-headlining the closing September 24th date of the Birmingham, AL fest alongside Pennywise.

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