Otep Streams New Single “Ostracized”


Otep‘s new single “Ostracized” has emerged online ahead of the impending September 15th release of her new album “The God Slayer“. Physical copies of that effort have already intentionally wound up in the hands of fans. This new single sports a guest solo from Vigil Of War guitarist Kiki Wong.

Speaking of the track on social media earlier this week, Otep Shamaya offered:

“‘Ostracized‘ was approached as if I was a new artist and Nu-Metal was just happening now so what would that sound like? And with guitarists Kiki Wongo, it’s the first song I’ve ever had with a guitar solo.”

In addition to numerous original tracks, “The God Slayer” will feature a bunch of covers, including Otep‘s takes on Slipknot‘s “Purity“, Eminem‘s “The Way I Am” and more.

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