Jorge "Hoya Roc" Guerra

Jorge “Hoya Roc” Guerra Has Announced His Exit From Madball


Jorge “Hoya Roc” Guerra has announced that he has exited NYHC institution Madball. Hoya had been handling the bass and backing the vocals in the group across two stints which began in 1993 and ran through up until this year. He revealed his departure in a statement shared today, August 08th, via his social media, it reads as follows:

“Wasup everybody I have a little announcement .
I am no longer playing bass in Madball . There is NO beef or anything like that and I wish them the best moving forward and always with luv .
Thanks to everybody who supported me through the years !! I love you all !!!! My family is better then ever
and your boy is NOT done yet , if anything I’m only getting started !!!
Look out for my channel SmokinWordTV and keep those ears open for alot new music drops everywhere !! Always with mad luv ….. and now to the next episode 😜 ..

Hoya Roc

An appearance on the ‘One Life Once Chance‘ podcast with H2O‘s Toby Morse saw Guerra further explain his decision to step down:

“I got two more European tours and your boy is calling it a wrap, alright? Shout out to the guys in the band, I love them and everything, but the fact is the band slowed down too much and I’m on double time now. Right now, financially and mentally, it isn’t enough for me.

I got a lot of things that I wanna do, and – like I was telling you, my children eat a lot. I gotta be working [and] the band slowed down. It’s harder for me to make things happen, but there’s no beef. It’s all love. I wish them all the best, but I’m only doing the next two European runs and that’s it.”

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