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Marilyn Manson Expected To Plead No Contest To One Simple Assault Charge In 2019 Concert Spitting Incident

0 are reporting that Marilyn Manson has indicated that he will be pleading no contest to one of a pair of misdemeanor simple assault charges he has been facing from a 2019 incident that took place at his live show.

At the heart of the matter is Manson‘s August 19th, 2019 concert in Gilford, NH. During that show a videographer hired by the venue was filming the show for the video screens being played during the performance.

While broadcasting live, she was spit on by Manson. Footage of that incident has been shared online below. It is also alleged that a second encounter during the show that night found Manson blowing his nose on said videographer during that performance as well.

Both incidents are said to have resulted in Manson‘s bodily fluids coming into contact with said videographer. Previously, Manson‘s legal team attempted to argue that the videographer had consented to this type of behavior in agreeing to film the show, given the reputation of Manson and his live performances.

Manson‘s lawyer argued in 2021:

“The defendant’s performance for the past twenty years are well known to include shocking and evocative antics similar to those that occurred here. The alleged victim consented to exposing herself to potential contact with sweat, saliva and phlegm in close quarters.”

It would appear that the judge was not inclined to agree however, as Manson‘s legal team filed a notice of intent yesterday, July 17th, indicating that the shock rocker will be pleading no contest to one of the charges as part of a deal that will see the other charge dropped.

It will now be up to the judge to see if this plea is accepted when it is entered tomorrow, July 20th. If not, the case will seemingly go forward to trial on August 07th, as has previously been planned.

Should Manson‘s proposed arrangement be accepted, he will face a fine of up to $1,200 fine and 20 hours of community service. He would also be required to notify New Hampshire authorities for any future live performances going forward for two years.

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