Rammstein’s Christian “Flake” Lorenz Denies Newly Unearthed Sexual Misconduct Allegations Made By Two Women


Amid an ongoing probe into Rammstein and their singer Till Lindemann, allegations dating back decades have newly been made public against the band’s keyboardist, etc. Christian “Flake” Lorenz. This year saw German prosecutors become interested in allegedly debauched backstage ‘Row 0’ parties the band’s vocalist Till Lindemann had been staging at the band’s concerts for some time now.

While such occurrences haven’t exactly been uncommon in the rock n’ roll world, a woman’s claims of being drugged at one of those parties earlier this year caught the attention of authorities, leading to German prosecutors opening this probe. Since that initial accusation, several women came forward, sharing similar tales of being recruited from the audience for potential sexual encounters with Lindemann. Excessive drug and alcohol use was also mentioned as having taken place at these parties.

Now German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung and broadcaster NDR have filed new reports that a pair of women have come forward anonymously with allegations stemming back to the mid 90s and early 00s.

One of those women alleges that Lorenz took advantage of her while she was heavily intoxicated at his country house back in 2002. She stated that she was 17-years-old at the time. She claims that while she did not want to partake in sex with Lorenz, she also did not explicitly tell him no. She has since submitted her claims to the court, stating that she was traumatized by the event and required years of therapy.

A second woman detailed an incident that allegedly took place when she was 22 back in 1996. She claims to have become heavily intoxicated with the band in their hotel and woke up with intense pain in her abdomen with Lorenz lying next to her. She stated of the matter, “I’d had sex before in my life and I’ve had sex after in my life. I never had pain like that before and I never had pain like that after.” have compiled these latest allegations, noting that Lorenz has rejected these two claims. Thus far German authorities have yet to put forward any charges towards either Lindemann or Lorenz.

Last month, the band’s drummer Christoph Schneider took to the internet to comment on the initial wave of allegations that cropped up against Lindemann. He stated via his Instagram

“Dear people,

I would like to share my personal emotions and thoughts with you.

The accusations of the last few weeks have deeply shaken us as a band and me as a person. You fans certainly too. I feel as if in shock by the things that have been shared on social media and in the press and in print about our singer. This is an ebb and flow of emotions for us band members and crew.

No, I don’t think anything criminally relevant (such as the use of knockout drops) happened. No. I don’t think anything illegal was going on, I’ve never seen anything like it, nor heard anything like it from any of our crew of 100 people. All I heard from Till‘s parties were adults celebrating together. And yet things seem to have happened that, although legally ok, I personally don’t think are ok. Certain structures have grown that went beyond the limits and values of the other band members. It is also important to us that Till‘s parties are not confused with our official after-show parties.

Till has distanced himself from us in recent years and created his own bubble.

With their own people, their own parties, their own projects. That made me sad, definitely. I believe Till when he tells us that he always wanted and still wants to give his private guests a good time. How exactly these guests had imagined this, however, seems to differ in some cases from his own ideas. The wishes and expectations of the women who have now come forward were probably not fulfilled. According to their statements, they felt uncomfortable, on the edge of a situation that they could no longer control.

I feel sorry for her and I feel compassion. However, it is important for me to emphasize something objective: every guest in the backstage area is free to leave (they may have to wait a moment for security to lead them safely to the exit). All bottles are sealed and in full view of the guests freshly opened or they open them themselves.

Water and snacks are available just like Security personnel and medical care available at any time. We want all of our guests to feel comfortable and safe with us!

This is our standard. So I’m sorry to hear that some didn’t feel that way.

We have the greatest fans in the world and they all deserve to be treated with respect! I’m sorry for anyone who wasn’t treated kindly or felt unsafe backstage with us.

Also for Shelby, she deserved a great concert and a wonderful evening.

But I don’t want this whole public dispute about our band to feed the extremes: neither the beast social media, which has not yet been tamed by our society, nor paternalistic tendencies to deny women in their mid-20s the ability to make self-determined decisions about their sexuality and also by no means victim blaming, so that people continue to talk about it if something happened to them. I wish for a calm, level-headed reflection and processing, also in our band.

And all together, six of us. We stand together.

Your Christoph Schneider.”

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