Dave Cohen

Animals As Leaders Guitar Tech Dave Cohen Has Passed Away Following An Apparent Concert Incident (Updated)


Update: July 19, 2023 11:20 a.m.:

Another individual identifying themselves as a member of the staff at The Pub Station venue has since stated that Cohen‘s passing appears to have not have been mosh pit-related, with his untimely passing occurring while standing at the bar. In a since-deleted post, said individual suggested the death may have been heart-related.

Thus far an official statement on the matter as to what may have caused the tragic passing of Cohen has yet to be issued. Notably the various posts on Reddit refencing the incident have since been deleted.

Original Story:

Animals As Leaders guitar tech Dave Cohen has passed away, reportedly due to an unexpected injury sustained while attending a Counterparts concert at The Pub Station in Billings, MT this past Sunday, July 16th. A respected luthier (Equilibrium Guitars) and musician in his own right, it is being stated online that Cohen‘s passing came about due to a mosh pit accident.

A fan on Reddit relayed the following of that:

“On Sunday night at I was at a counterparts show. Guitar tech for animals as leaders was in the pit enjoying the show, when unexpectedly things took a turn. I had posted about it earlier. I asked the venue what his condition was. They sent me this post.

As for what happened. “He took an elbow to the face, lost consciousness, and never regained it. Paramedics tried all they could, they performed cpr and used defibrillators after he was having a seizure. It was very sad to see. RIP, prayers to his friends and family.”

Animals As Leaders themselves commented on Cohen‘s passing yesterday July 17th, offering:

“Dear friends,

Last night we experienced a part of life that none of us look forward to, the unexpected passing of our dear friend and guitar tech Dave Cohen. He was an amazing person, loved by all who met him. He was a wise and centered being. A true inspirational person to be around. We are thankful for the experiences and memories we shared with Dave. Our condolences go out to his friends and family. A soul is lost but never forgotten. 🖤”

Counterparts vocalist Brendan Murphy has since shared the band’s tribute to Cohen in the stories of his Instagram account. Another person on Reddit identifying themselves as a member of the staff at the aforementioned venue relayed that the incident appears to have been an unfortunate accident.

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