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Bud Light Remains Available At Kid Rock’s Steakhouse Bar, Despite His Infamous Online Protest


Multi-platinum conservative country rap rocker Kid Rock made headlines this past April, when he opted to unload a clip of ammo into several cases of Bud Light on video. His actions in that video were seen as a response towards Bud Light‘s parent company Anheuser-Busch and their decision to partner with trans activist/influencer Dylan Mulvaney as one of their brand ambassadors.

In the video Rock posted, he offered:

“Grandpa’s feeling a little frisky today. Let me say something to all you and be as clear as concise and possible. fuck Bud Light and fuck Anheuser-Busch. Have a terrific day.”

The ensuing debate and reaction to Bud Light‘s decision to partner with Mulvaney set off a culture war of sorts that saw Anheuser-Busch‘s stock tumble and the Bud Light brand still seemingly yet to recover.

In a new report shared by CNN, it would seem that Kid Rock‘s protest against the beer currently doesn’t affect his own Kid Rock’s Big Ass Honky Tonk Rock N’ Roll Steakhouse in Nashville, TN.

As seen in the below video report, Bud Light was still readily available at Rock‘s aforementioned establishment. CNN note that it was unclear if a ban was ever instated on the product at Rock‘s bar or not.

[via Consequence]

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