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End Reign (Integrity, Pig Destroyer, Etc.) Debut “Chasing Divinity” Video


End Reign, the supergroup formed out of current and former members of Integrity, Pig Destroyer, Exhumed and more, have lifted the veil on a music video for their new track “Chasing Divinity“. That song will appear on the band’s new album “The Way Of All Flesh“, which Relapse have on course for a July 14th release.

Jeffrey Sisson was tasked with helming this new visual offering, see it for yourself below. Guitarist Domenic Romeo (also of Integrity) commented:

“‘Chasing Divinity‘ is my favorite song on the album! Imagine the Aerosmith/Run-DMC video for ‘Walk This Way’ except that it’s Bathory and Metallica in 1986 (year adjusted so ‘Under The Sign Of The Black Mark’ and Cliff Burton can exist in the same lexicon). This is also the song where I asked Sebastian Phillips to contribute a guitar solo that ended up being so good I asked him to join the band.”

Vocalist Mike Score added:

“‘Chasing Divinity‘ represents the twisted journey when one lets go of the mortal coil expecting ecstasy and the touch of divinity, but finding only darkness and regret. It’s a tale of traveling an endless path encountering lost souls longing to live again and escape the torment that lies beyond the earthly plane. It’s the realization that the promise of divinity is unattainable, while the darkness is eternal and all encompassing.”

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