The Hate Project

The Hate Project Debut “Blessed With Malevolence” Music Video


A music video for the title track to Swedish deathcore outfit The Hate Project‘s new EP “Blessed With Malevolence” has been made available. The band’s vocalist Anton had the following to say of the song and the EP:

“Our new song, ‘Blessed With Malevolence‘, is a straight-forward, aggressive song with a lot of things happening. However, it all melts together perfectly and makes for a great title track. The song depicts the darkest parts of humanity and just a dark part of our minds at the time when the EP was created.

Lyrically, I needed to be in the right state of mind to bring this track to life. I already knew beforehand what message I wanted to present, which was the dark sides of mankind. The parts we rarely talk about, because it either scares us or we simply don’t understand it, as everyone has a different reality. I have seen misery and channeled it into this track.

This EP was made with a lot more cooperation between the two guitarists than the previous one, enabling a broader and different feel/sound than before. We have also developed our sound further, while still maintaining our core sound. This time with a more polished, yet aggressive mix.

We think that our sound is easy to recognize with our dark and ambient feel, mixed with brutal breakdowns and heavy riffs. Combining all the good ingredients of death-core in our own unique way.”

Blessed With Malevolence” will be out July 07th on Seek & Strike.

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