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The Ridglea Theater Bans Terror After Recent Controversy With Security Staff, Ponder Banning Hardcore Shows Altogether (Updated)


Update: May 09th, 2023 11:52 AM:

Third String Entertainment, who booked the now infamous show at the Ridglea Theater in Ft. Worth, TX, have announced that they will no longer be booking shows at the aforementioned venue. A statement issued by the company today, May 09th, reads as follows:

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“We will no longer be booking any shows at Ridglea Theater or Ridglea Room. I think the reasoning is obvious, we want nothing to do with their actions and views on the music we promote and the culture we love.

We were optimistic we would be heard and be able to turn things around from their past issues but last weekend was proof they are stuck in their ways and we want no part of that.”

Terror themselves have also chimed in on the recent comments made by The Ridglea Theater‘s Gerald “Jerry” Shults, who asserted on social media recently that “Metal wants to mosh, core wants to kick, punch, stage dive and crowd kill. They don’t mix.”

Original Story:

The Ridglea Theater in Fort Worth, TX has responded to the recent controversy surrounding the venue. You’ve likely read that Terror recently called out that establishment for employing what the band described as, “the worst security this band has encountered in all 20 years of existence.

Terror‘s commentary came about after playing a show at the venue this past Friday, May 05th. In a now infamous clip, security can be seen aggressively shoving crowd surfers back into the audience. At one point Terror vocalist Scott Vogel was seen attempting to throw the mic to an audience member approaching the barricade. Said concertgoer was pushed back by security, with the mic instead landing on one of the venue’s security staff.

Before returning to the mic to Vogel, the man working security grabbed the mic and said “I don’t think so.” In response to the backlash that has been circulating online, the venue has banned Terror from playing the venue. The venue is also looking into potential banning all hardcore events from its premises going forward.

Responding to Lambgoat on the matter, the venue offered:

“Ridglea Theater complex has a zero tolerance for
Stage diving
Kicking, punching, windmilling

The people in the crowd were attempting to jump the barricades to get on the stage, only one ejection for kicking a minor in the front row.
Our security did a great job and exhibited a lot of restraint after being hit, punched by a very rowdy crowd.”

The show in question found Terror as support to The Black Dahlia Murder on a bill that also featured Frozen Soul and more. Gerald “Jerry” Shults, who heads up the Ridglea Theater, also shared some more commentary on social media regarding the show, including:

“…we are banning terror, and maybe all hardcore. Don’t know of a venue in dfw that will allow stage diving, punching, kicking and crowd killing, all the while bitching about everything”

He further added:

Terror worst excuse for a band I have seen in 20 years, lead singer sucks”

Shults went on to claim that the video that has been widely circulated since didn’t capture the full context of the moment. According to Shults, Terror frontman Scott Vogel had been inciting fans to rush the stage. Shults said of that and the moment captured on video:

“(it was) in response to the lead singer saying we get everyone to rush the stage ( stage diving) so Brian said ‘I don’t think so’ lololol”

When a fan pointed out that the mic was being thrown to an audience member, which is common at hardcore shows, Shults responded:

“Nope he threw it at Brian after he bragged he was going to get the crowd to mob them and Brian said ‘I don’t think so.’

That maybe the Ridglea Theater new r shirt and slogan:)”

Further explaining his stance, he offered:

“I clearly don’t want the hardcore scene, its a disaster. All metal is great, wish they didn’t mix the two genres together. No problems with black dahlia people, this insanity of people have a right to stage dive, kicking and punching, crowd killing is the problem.

I admit we could always do better, but in case terror decided they wanted to incite a riot maybe for publicity?

So it’s no problem:) terror is banned. Hardcore know our house rules, no stage diving, kicking, punching, crowd killing period. Knocked loose and others know this and don’t try to cause a riot like terror did. Doubt there is a venue in dfw that will take them.

Basically I didn’t know a hardcore band was on the bill when third string booked the theater, thought it was all death metal. Btw we just rent space and depend on the people booking to tell the bands and tour manager our policies. I told them right before the show and the tour manager dropped the ball

Basically mixing metal and hardcore on the same lineup just invites disaster. Metal wants to mosh, core wants to kick, punch, stage dive and crowd kill. They don’t mix

Mosh was awesome, crowd surfing cool, barricade’s jumping and attempted stage diving were the problem. , plus continued punching at security”

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