Hear NBA Legend Shaquille O’Neal Rap Over A Sample Of Drowning Pool’s “Bodies”


As part of his return to rap, NBA legend (and printer ink advocate) Shaquille O’Neal has launched the below video for his take on “Thotties On The Floor“. Nü-metal fans may double take upon hearing the track however, as it not only possesses a similar title, both also samples Drowning Pool‘s platinum-certified 2001 hit single “Bodies“.

The song itself isn’t a Shaq cut however, rather it’s part of an open verse challenge launched by C A N V A $, who created the beat and named the track. You can find Shaq‘s freestyle over it below, along with “Bodies” in case you somehow needed a refresher.

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@ihearcanvas ‼️BEST VERSE GETS $5,000‼️ Thoties Hit The Floor Open Verse Challenge ⚠️TAG A RAPPER⚠️ @shaq #thotieshitthefloor #openversechallenge #ihearcanvas #shaq ♬ original sound – C A N V A $

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