Corey Taylor Admits He Attempted To Veto “Wait And Bleed” From Slipknot Live Shows: “I Purposefully Was Like, ‘I Don’t F*cking Wanna Play This Song Ever Again.'”


While the maggots likely took umbrage, Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor attempts to retire a classic track from the band’s 2x multi-platinum self-titled album were not without reprecussions.

The platinum-certified “Wait And Bleed“, which was launched as the first single from that hallowed record, has grown stale with Taylor. Per, that song presently sits as the masked band’s fourth most played track, with some 942 live airings logged. “Surfacing” from the same aforementioned album currently sits as the group’s #1 performed track.

Speaking recently with All Things Music, Taylor expressed that he even attempted to take a break from performing the song live. He commented:

“I’m going on record here. I’m not the one who vetoes these things. I vetoed one song for a half a tour — you’re gonna laugh — ‘Wait And Bleed,’ because I was fucking tired of playing it. I was like, ‘can we do one run where we don’t play it?’

Listen to this shit. We got a [four out of five stars] review from headlining Download specifically because we didn’t play ‘Wait And Bleed.’ I was like, ‘are you fucking kidding me?’ I was so mad. I purposefully was like, ‘I don’t fucking wanna play this song ever again.’

Well guess what? I’m the asshole. It’s in my fucking solo set now. So there you go. I can’t escape it. People love that song. It’s not a bad song. It’s just old, man. And I, like everybody else who makes music, I love the fact that we have legacy stuff. But man, I fucking played that [forever].”

[via Metal Injection]

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