Mötley Crüe

Mötley Crüe Assert That “There Were No Backing Tracks For Band Members” On 2022 Summer Tour


The drama continues to unfold for Mötley Crüe, who remain locked in a bitter legal battle with their estranged guitarist Mick Mars. Last year saw the aforementioned 71-year-old musician withdraw from his long-term touring duties with the outfit. While he intended to remain a member of the band, partaking in studio and potential residency / one-off shows, his bandmates felt otherwise.

They saw his decision to step down from touring as effectively retiring. A pre-existing signed contract was in place which essentially stipulated that non-active members would not be entitled to receive their share of profits from activities such as touring and the like.

Mars disputed that status and intends to retain his 25% share in the band’s revenue, including a cut of the group’s 2023 touring which he isn’t partaking in. His bandmates meanwhile, offered him an exit package that would offer him as much as 7.5% of the profits earned from this year’s touring activities, but would not extend beyond that.

Mars rejected that offer, leading to the band filing suit against him to force arbitration to resolve the matter. Mars himself countersued, seeking access to the band’s books, claiming that he was alerted to a number of business entities related to the group he was previously unware of.

In that countersuit, Mars also made various claims regarding the band’s 2022 summer touring. Mars alleged that his bandmate, bassist/vocalist Nikki Sixx, didn’t play an actual note on the tour, relying entirely on backing tracks. He also alleged that vocalist Vince Neil and drummer Tommy Lee employed backing tracks to varying degrees on the trek.

The band’s manager Allen Kovac would go on to dispute Mars‘ claims, stating that “everything is live with Nikki‘s bass playing and Tommy‘s drum playing.” He did however admit to there being ‘augemented’ vocal tracks which are used to flesh out the live sound. He said of that, “you multi-track and you do gang vocals with, like, 20 people, just like all the other bands do with background vocals. They’ve got background vocals in the mix. That’s the truth.”

The Mötley Crüe camp would go on to launch allegations against Mars himself, saying he repeatedly botched his performances during the  summer tour in question. To that end, they provided depositions from touring personnel on that trek, claiming that Mars showed a pattern of diminished playing capability on that run.

Now, a new social media comment made by the multi-platinum glam metal outfit was picked up on by Sleaze Roxx, in which the band angrily responded to a fan over assertions that the group used backing tracks last summer on tour. The fan commented on a post of footage culled from said tour:

“Saw the backing tracks tour last yr and paid dearly to see it. It’s a hard NO for me this time around…”


Among the so-called smoking guns touted by those supporting Mars‘ claims is the below video filmed during the band’s July 19th, 2022 show in Kansas City, MO. In that clip a cymbal count-in can be heard, despite Tommy Lee not yet being sat properly behind the drum kit. At the time, Lee was returning from breaking his ribs.

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