Iron Maiden & Motorhead

Motörhead’s ‘Snaggletooth’ To Appear In Iron Maiden’s ‘Legacy Of The Beast’ Video Game


British hard rock legends Motörhead are the latest outfit to have their likeness appear in the ‘Iron Maiden: Legacy Of The Beast‘ video game from British metal greats Iron Maiden. Motörhead‘s mascot ‘Snaggletooth‘ will appear in this new dungeon event, which has fittingly been dubbed ‘Born To Raise Hell‘.

Motörhead‘s lyrics inspired the storyline for this new event, which takes place on a fictionalized version of the Sunset Strip, where late Motörhead vocalist/bassist Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister spent many of his days.

A press release offered:

‘In this new week-long event, fans and players will journey into the neighborhood of Sunset Boulevard where gangs are running rampant and it’s a time of chaos. Syndicates are at war to gain power, influence, and profit. Snaggletooth teams up with Wasteland Eddie to take to the streets to clear out the roaming rival gang before they reach a level of organized crime. If they’re able to take down the gang’s leader, could it bring an end to the territorial dispute and rebuild the city?’

That event will commence today (March 15th) at 05:00pm PDT / 08:00pm EDT

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