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Burton C. Bell Says He’s Not Interested In Checking Out His Replacement In Fear Factory


It would appear that former Fear Factory vocalist Burton C. Bell (also of Ascension Of The Watchers) has no interest in the continuation of his former band. After years of legal in-fighting between current and former members of that gold-certified outfit found guitarist Dino Cazares in control of the band’s trademarks, Bell acrimoniously exited.

Since then, Cazares went on to release “Aggression Continuum” in 2021. That album had been completed several years prior to the split and ultimately represented the band’s final works with Bell on vocals. A remix album of that effort titled “Recoded” arrived in 2022.

More recently, Fear Factory officially welcomed their new vocalist Milo Silvestro, and have since hit the road with him. Bell was recently asked by ‘Talk Toomey‘ how he felt about the group touring and playing his material on the road without him. He commented:

“It doesn’t affect me at all. To be honest, I haven’t been this happy in a long time. More power to them, but I’m just moving forward in my own life, my own career, and I’m just trying to make a name for myself.”

Bell also went on to state that he has not checked out Silvestro‘s covers nor live footage, simply stating that “I don’t care to.”

Chief among the discussion for Bell was his upcoming ‘Paradise Found’ photography exhibit, which will be showcased at the Vincent Castiglia Gallery in Fort Lauderdale, FL from March 11th through to May 23rd. That exhibit is comprised of various shots Bell has taken over the past two decades, with a focus on abandoned industrial buildings, darkness/fog and more.

Elsewhere in the chat it was mentioned that he is also involved with an upcoming tribute to German industrial metal legends Rammstein.

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