Linkin Park "Lost"

Linkin Park Debut Music Video For Previously Unreleased B-Side “Lost”, Announce Deluxe 20th Anniversary Edition Of “Meteora” (Updated)


Diamond-certified nü-metal kings Linkin Park have newly shared a previously unreleased single by the name of “Lost“. That song is accompanied by the below music video directed by Maciej Kuciara & pplpleasr. The track dates back to the sessions for the group’s 2003 sophomore album, “Meteora“.

Vocalist Mike Shinoda commented of this newly unearthed song:

“Finding ‘Lost‘ was like finding a favorite photo you had forgotten you’d taken, like it was waiting for the right moment to reveal itself.”

Speaking to KROQ in the below new interview, Shinoda further said of the track:

“At the time, if I remember right — it was a long time ago. The inspiration was looking back on memories that you get sucked into. And you just get immersed in that nostalgia, or good feeling or bad feeling. In the case of this song I think there was a bunch of not-so-good stuff.

But it’s bittersweet, it’s a mixed bag. Because there’s good stuff in there, too. Things aren’t black and white or cut and dry. And that’s what I like about the lyrics of the song.”

But it’s also a song that was this close to being on the record. The one right on the other side of the line was this song ‘Lost‘ and the only reason it didn’t go on is because it had the same intensity of ‘Numb.'”

2023 will find the band celebrating the 20th anniversary of their aforementioned 7x multi-platinum certified record, with this track marking their first foray into that. A sprawling 20th anniversary super deluxe box set of the record will meet an April 07th release date.

It will arrive in formats ranging from an extensive super deluxe box set to a more standard digital download. The track listing for the 5-LP/4-CD /3-DVD super deluxe edition will compile a series of live performances and previously unreleased demos.

Among the featured live performances are a 2003 set at the Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia, PA, a 2003 show they played in Seoul, South Korea, the Denver, CO stop of their 2004 ‘Projekt Revolution Tour‘ and a 2004 set in Manila, Philippines.

Numerous rarities and demos will also be included among the sprawling set, some of the highlights include:

LPU Rarities 2.0” track listing:

01 – “A.06
02 – “Pretty Birdy” (Somewhere I Belong 2002 Demo)
03 – “Sold My Soul To Yo Mama
04 – “Standing In The Middle
05 – “Program” (Meteora Demo)
06 – “Faint” (Demo 2002)
07 – “Figure.09” (Demo 2002)
08 – “Drawing” (Breaking The Habit Demo 2002)
09 – “Cumulus” (2002 Demo)
10 – “A-Six” (Original Long Version)
11 – “Soundtrack” (Meteora Demo)
12 – “Broken Foot” (Meteora Demo)
13 – “Ominous” (Meteora Demo)
14 – “Unfortunate” (Unreleased Demo 2002)
15 – “Pepper” (Meteora Demo)
16 – “Breaking The Habit” (Original Mike 2002 Demo)
17 – “Halo” (Unreleased Demo 2002)
18 – “Rhinocerous” (2002 Demo)
19 – “Attached” (2003 Demo)

Live Rarities 2003-2004“:

01 – “Lying From You” (Live LPU Tour 2003)
02 – “From The Inside” (Live LPU Tour 2003)
03 – “Easier To Run” (Live LPU Tour 2003)
04 – “Step Up” (Live Projekt Revolution 2002)
05 – “My December” (Live Projekt Revolution 2002)
06 – “Crawling” (Live Reading Festival 2003)
07 – “Breaking The Habit” (Live Rock am Ring 2004)
08 – “Step Up“/”Nobody’s Listening“/”It’s Goin’ Down” (Live)
09 – “Wish” (Live Projekt Revolution 2004)
10 – “One Step Closer” featuring Jonathan Davis (Live Projekt Revolution 2004)

Lost Demos“:

01 – “Lost
02 – “Fighting Myself
03 – “More The Victim
04 – “Massive
05 – “Healing Foot
06 – “A6” (Meteora|20 Demo)
07 – “Cuidado” (Lying From You Demo)
08 – “Husky” (Hit The Floor Demo)
09 – “Interrogation” (Easier To Run Demo)
10 – “Faint” (Meteora|20 Demo)
11 – “Plaster 2” (Figure.09 Demo)
12 – “Shifter” (From The Inside Demo)
13 – “Wesside
14 – “Resolution

Among the other offerings featured in that set are a 40-page book, a poster, a litho, sticker sheet, documentaries on the album and more. Pre-orders for all formats are available here.

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