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Protest The Hero Demoing New Album


Canadian prog metal outfit Protest The Hero have been demoing new material for the follow-up to their 2020 album “Palimpsest” as of late. See the below post the band shared on social media earlier today (January 09th) for what they had to say about their progress thus far:

“What the fuck do you know about prepro?

Alls I know is Truke and Crime Spree are rippin riffs so fat they can’t stand up straight. What I mean is these riffs are making them so horny they got blue balls, and their balls are so blue they got tummy aches. So they’re both just hunched over in front of a computer working hard. Like hard hard.

You were hoping we were gonna throw in the towel? No fuckin’ way bud, we need that towel for drying off after demoing these sexy riffs. Ya, we get our butts wet on riffs, what’s it to you?

Anyway, don’t tell anyonye.

Here’s some more relevant information from Truke:

“Began the long journey of demoing new tunes this week! This journey almost always begins with absolutely punishing @climft in the engineer’s seat. No idea what this release will look like in the end, but we got 8 songs in the bag and work continues…””

If you missed the news, 2022 saw the departure of drummer Mike Ieradi from the outfit, with a replacement yet to be named.

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