Protest The Hero, Dream Theater, Haken, Etc. Members Return As Sleigher, Debut “South Of Lapland”


Sleigher are back with their latest Slayer-themed Christmas offering. That collective previously took on “Seasons In The Abyssfor their debut last year. This time around, the updated revised outfit have put a new spin on the title track to Slayer‘s fourth studio album, 1988’s “South Of Heaven“. The end result is “South Of Lapland“, which you can find below.

Haken guitarist Charlie Griffith once again spearheaded the project, which finds the following artists returning:

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Vocals: Rody Walker (Protest The Hero)
Vocals: Jeramie Kling (The Absence, Inhuman Condition, etc.)
Keyboards: Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater, etc.)
Guitarist: Dan Goldsworthy (My Minds Weapon)
Tuba: Ray Hearne (Haken)

Newcomers to the project this year include

Bass: Becky Baldwin (Fury, Mercyful Fate live)
Drums: Delta Empire
Skeletor: Fernando Ufret

Sleigher commented:

“It’s Sleigher the sequel! Members of Haken, Dream Theater, Protest the Hero, Inhuman Condition have once again ventured South of Lapland. Joining the expedition are Becky from Fury (and recently of Mercyful Fate live!) and the mysterious Delta Empire on drums. This time… it’s Judgment Sleigh!”

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