High On Fire

Matt Pike Reveals What High On Fire Song He Thinks Serves As The Best Introduction To The Band


GRAMMY Award-winning stoner/doom metal High On Fire are eight albums deep into their run, having served up more than enough material to intimidate any potential neophytes away from finding the cream of the crop.

To help out with that, Revolver have tasked the band’s ever-shirtless frontman/guitarist Matt Pike with deciding upon a single song he would use to introduce his band’s music to potential fans.

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His choice was “Fury Whip” off of 2007’s “Death Is This Communion“. Speaking to Revolver for their ‘Point Of Entry’ series, Pike elaborated on his choice:

“I guess the one that would stand out the most, that I would want someone to hear for the first time, definitely would be the song ‘Fury Whip‘, the opening song on ‘Death Is This Communion‘. It encompasses almost everything High On Fire is aside from some of the more dirge-y shit we do. But that’s High On Fire in a nutshell, that sound. That song hammers. I lucked out. It dropped out of the sky. It took us like an hour to write it. I was like, Dude that’s fucking awesome. Wow. It’s definitely a good opener.”

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