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Chino Moreno On Why Crosses (†††) Parted Ways With Chuck Doom: “Making Music Together Became Like Pulling Teeth”


Crosses (†††) are the subject of a new cover story published over at The now duo, who consist of Deftones, etc. vocalist/guitarist Chino Moreno and Far, etc. guitarist Shaun Lopez, will make their full-fledged return later this month with the December 09th release of their new EP, “PERMANENT.RADIANT“.

Throughout the year however it’s become readily apparent that the experimental dream pop outfit are permanently down a member though, with Chuck Doom having been absent. As it turns out, the split wasn’t entirely amicable by the sounds of it. Lopez told Kerrang! about that:

“To be honest, and without being dramatic or bad mouthing people, as it went on, me and Chuck just… He was going this way, I was going that way, and Chino was caught in the middle. I think Chuck wanted to do his solo thing and involve Chino, which kind of meant he wanted to do Crosses without me.

Which is just fucking comedy. If I’m gonna get on my Liam Gallagher vibe for a minute (laughs) it’s like, ‘Come on, bro, are you kidding me?’ Anytime I would get together with Chuck to make some new tunes, something had seriously changed in the vibe.

A close friend of mine was even like, ‘Why aren’t you doing Crosses? I just figured you and Chino were beefing?’ I’m like, ‘No, dude.’ It was a bummer because the whole reason this stopped for that many years is because of one person and that one person isn’t in Crosses now.”

Moreno also weighed in on the matter:

“It was a really tough thing. It wasn’t a decision we made, like, ‘We want to do this without Chuck.’ He just really wasn’t present, he had other projects he was taking more interest in. There were two options: either we don’t do it at all, or we try it with just us two. We chose the latter. Mine and Chuck’s friendship has suffered because of that, sadly, because I love that dude.

I appreciate him as a musician, and as a friend. Hopefully, we work that out at some point. Shaun and his relationship had been fractured for quite some time before all this. My job wasn’t just to be creative anymore. For lack of a better word, I was ‘refereeing’ the writing project.

That wasn’t fun at all. I could have fun making music with Chuck, I could have fun making music with Shaun, but making music together became like pulling teeth. That’s not the reason we started doing this. That’s probably as deep as I’ll go into that. It’s pretty self-explanatory.”

Doom has been busying himself with Saudade in recent years, which served as a collective of talent that consists of members of Bad Brains, Medeski, Martin & Wood and more. Moreno himself guested on the project’s 2019 single, “here” alongside Chelsea Wolfe.

You can find a whole lot more from Moreno and Lopez on “PERMANENT.RADIANT” over at

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