One Step Closer

One Step Closer Debut New Single “Dark Blue”


Straight edge melodic hardcore outfit One Step Closer have launched their new single “Dark Blue“. The group recorded the track with Jon Markson producing. Speaking of it, vocalist Ryan Savitski offered:

“Earlier this year while driving through the Pacific Northwwest, I was struggling with how much we were about to be touring this year. As much as I was excited, I was just as much scared of how the dynamic of my life at home would change. I almost felt like people would forget about me for some reason, or relationships would change while being away. Through these thoughts, I found comfort in looking out the window of the van and seeing things I never thought I’d ever see. While simultaneously turning my head to see some of best friends who I get to experience this life with. It made me feel conflicted. Potentially lose the people you love at home, to do the thing you love just as much. This song represents those conflicting moments in time.”

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