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Hyeena (Ex-Ligeia) Debut “Bring On The Storm” Music Video


Hyeena are readying their debut album “Freedom From The Default” for a spring release through Innerstrength Records. The band, who feature former Ligeia vocalist Keith Holuk alongside drummer Austin Bryant and live bassist Mike Verlizzo, have just launched a video directed by Verlizzo for the first single from it, “Bring On The Storm“.

Holuk commented:

“‘Bring On The Storm‘ is a song that was initially more intricate, but it was simplified to get more to the heart of the vibe. Lyrically, it’s attempting to lay out some of the concepts of how to rewire to the mindset of positive thinking. I definitely didn’t write very positive lyrics back in the day with Ligeia which worked with that therapeutic direction, and I obviously needed that outlet back then.

I think that it was very helpful to me and the people who connected with that type of expression. In retrospect, I feel as if it may have contributed to adding more troubles in my life that were unnecessary so it’s something that I wanted to change for the better, for me and for the listeners.

Maybe it’s a style that doesn’t usually go with metal core, but I didn’t want to toxify people’s minds with negativity that could attract more problems just for the sake of venting. I wanted the lyrics for Hyeena to be more helpful and hopefully more fun!”

Holuk oversaw all aspects of the production duties for this outing.

[via MetalSucks]

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