All Out War

All Out War Premiere “Wrath/Plague” From Newly Announced Album “Celestial Rot”


Veteran metalcore outfit All Out War will have their new album “Celestial Rot” out on February 03rd via Translation Loss Records. The band’s guitarist Taras Apuzzo oversaw the recording and production duties for the album, which was mixed and mastered by Erol Ulug.

Speaking of the album’s first single, “Wrath/Plague“, vocalist Mike Score offered:

“As the rising tide of contempt and wrath consumes the masses the flames of discontent shall wash away all human social constructs. Nothing will remain and all these man made Gods and institutions will burn with us.”

Celestial Rot” track listing:

01 – “Snake Legion
02 – “Glorious Devastation
03 – “Wrath/Plague
04 – “Hideous Disdain
05 – “The End Is Always Near
06 – “Caustic Abomination
07 – “Revel In Misery
08 – “Celestial Rot
09 – “Weaving Oblivion
10 – “Shroud Of Heaven

Pre-orders are available here.

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