The Dillinger Escape Plan

Ben Weinman Shoots Down The Dillinger Escape Plan Reunion Rumors (Updated)


Update: November 07th, 2022 04:01 PM:

Rymer has since explained his actions via a comment on Facebook:

“I posted that story because that’s what I was feeling in the moment. I’m on tour with my friends in Ho99o9 and it’s great. We’re kicking ass and playing the same venues as Dillinger did years ago, conjuring up old memories. I’m allowed to be nostalgic as well as hopeful. I want to see it happaen more than anyone who saw the post. No one should take that as any official announcement, but that’s where I stand on us playing again.”

Original Story:

It’s been five years since The Dillinger Escape Plan called it a day, closing out their career with a string of live displays of their trademark onstage ferocity. The band’s final drummer Billy Rymer (now of Thoughtcrimes), recently stirred up some excitement upon sharing the below video on his social media:

Billy Rymer On Instagram

In light of that video, speculation emerged that the mathcore greats would potentially be reuniting at next year’s edition of the annual ‘Furnace Fest‘ in Birmingham, AL. Unfortunately for those eager to see the group return, it would appear that Rymer was just visualizing some wishful thinking.

Earlier today (November 07th) a fan asked the band’s former guitarist Benjamin Weinnan ‘What is rumbling about Furnace Fest Sir Weinman?’. Responding directly via Facebook, Weinman responded:

“nothing. Billy said it was a dream or some shit. I really hope people don’t buy tickets to furnace fest for this.”

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