The Gloom In The Room

The Gloom In The Corner Premiere “Behemoth” Music Video


Self-proclaimed ‘cinema-core’ band The Gloom In The Corner have revealed a music video for their track “Behemoth“. The visual component for the track arrives in conjunction with today’s (October 28th) release of the band’s sophomore album “Trinity“.

Speaking of where the song fits into their ongoing story, they offered:

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“‘Behemoth‘, from a story stand-point, follows our Unholy Trinity as they venture to claim the last item required to start their ritual to return to the living; the Heart of the Ruler. They venture into the Tower of Babel to take on Asmodeus, the current Ruler of the Realm, being faced with a horde of demons and the Ruler himself, who eggs on the violence from his throne. The Ronin spares no time launching himself at Asmodeus, and the two begin a close fight while Rachel and Clara battle the horde around them.

From a real world perspective, ‘Behemoth’ tackles the topic of betrayal and having to be torn between two parties, effectively playing middle-man, and the mental duress such an act can entail, reflective of how the Ronin behaves when chaperoning Clara and Rachel through the descent into Hell.”

Numerous special guests appear on the band’s aforementioned new album, including:

  • Ryan Kirby (Fit For a King)
  • Joe Badolato (Fit For An Autopsy)
  • Laruen Babic (Red Handed Denial)
  • Ellijah Witt (Cane Hill)
  • Ryo Kinoshita (Crystal Lake)
  • Taylor Barber (Left To Suffer)
  • Monica Strut (The Last Martyr)
  • Monique Pym (Reliqa)

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