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Monster Magnet’s “Test Patterns: Vol. 1” Due In November


Gold-certified space rockers Monster Magnet have a November 11th release date set for “Test Patterns: Vol. 1“. That set will emerge on God Unknown Records and features a remix of the band’s early track “Tab“, which was given a new mix by the band’s co-founding guitarist/bassist John McBrain in 2021. That sonically revised take on the track will appear on this new release alongside the original 1988 demo version of the song. Pre-orders for that effort can be found here.

Fellow co-founder Tim Cronin, who took on the vocal and drumming duties in the band amid their early years, commented:

“When Magnet started, John and I worked in record stores in Red Bank and Dave worked in the comic bookstore and we made a lot of tapes for each other. A lot of ‘check this shit out’ kind of stuff…Hawkwind, early UFO, Amon Duul, Can, Skullflower, Morgen, Loop, Crystalized Movements, early Alice Cooper, Walking Seeds, Butthole Surfers, Spacemen 3.

When we recorded the first demo and got to ‘Tab‘, we just beat the shit out of it until it became heavy, noisy, weird, mean and either too long or not long enough, depending on your mood. Everything we wanted in a song (at least everything I wanted in a song), punishingly psychedelic. Jersey Shore krautrock.”

A preview of the release can be found below:

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