Kentucky Irate Fest

Several Bands Drop Off ‘Kentucky Irate Fest’ Amid Booking Disputes


The fledgling ‘Kentucky Irate Fest‘ has hit some snags with its planned inaugural edition. As such, the following bands have departed the bill:

Belushi Speed Ball
Wake Up In Tsunami
Guerilla Warfare

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Guerilla Warfare themselves have lashed out against the festival’s organizers on social media, offering:

“not performing at Irate fest anymore

After too many goofy, passive aggressive, unprofessional, non transparent and immature communications we no longer wish to be associated w these nerds.

They also tried to make us drop the Alpha Wolf, show we announced after never mentioning a radius clause so come to that instead and support 502 Shows LOL

If you’re stressed enough to kick a local u booked off a lineup because they didn’t sell enough tickets for a national festival-

Keep our “can’t tell ya the headliners yet” guarantee-you may need it”

Wake Up In Tsunami also took issue with some of the stipulations for being booked for the festival, sharing the below post and commentary on an interaction they claim was with one of the festival’s co-partners:

Speaking via the official ‘Kentucky Irate FestFacebook account, the following comment was issued by the festival’s organizers in response on a separate post:

“Just so everyone knows how I got the idea to send the message to the guy in Wake Up Tsunami about Amazon. Tracy wants to take no accountability for his actions, but I am a business owner. This festival is a registered LLC and a business. I’m sorry that I can’t have all the bands coming from all over the country and out of the country for free. These decisions were made solely on making sure it runs as smooth as possibly, including financially. Tracy told me he notified the bands they were required to each sell a combined 400 tickets and actually never did so. I trusted his word that he would be holding the locals accountable to promote the event.”

Sero\\tonin also commented of their departure from the festival, offering:

Amid the wave of exits from the bill, the ‘Kentucky Irate Festival‘ organizers made the following post on social media:


We have had 15+ inquiries from Kentucky bands to fill the holes left from the departing bands at their own discrepancy. We have been in touch with every major agent on this bill and every headliner and national band will be performing as scheduled! Please don’t buy into the lies going around on social media.

Bands no longer performing:

Belushi Speedball
Wake Up Tsunami
Guerilla Warfare

We wish you all the best and sorry it didn’t work out this time.”

The ‘Kentucky Irate Fest‘ is presently scheduled to run from August 26th to 28th at The MG Prime Entertainment Complex in Louisville, KY, with headlining sets from Slaughter To Prevail, Rivers Of Nihil and Norma Jean. You can find more details at

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