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Tripp Eisen Issues Press Release On His Recent Attempts To Mend Fences With His Former Bandmates In Static-X


Former Static-X guitarist Tripp Eisen has reportedly issued a press release outlining his recent attempts to reconcile with his former bandmates in the aforementioned industrial nü-metal band. Eisen (real name Tod Rex Salvador) was fired from the group in 2005 after being arrested for conducting sexual relationships with two underage girls.

He eventually plead guilty to conducting sexual relationships with two separate girls as young as fourteen-years-old. He was 39-years-old at the time of the offenses and was said to have said to have contacted the females involved via An MTV report at the time (see here) stated that Eisen was allegedly posing as a lookalike of himself on the site. Eisen was sentenced to a year in prison and was later sent back to jail in 2008 following a parole violation.

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In 2020, amid the resurrection of Static-X and their ongoing reunion with new frontman/guitarist Xer0 (Dope‘s Edsel Dope), Eisen spoke out against the band for allegedly burying his songwriting contributions to the tracks they repurposed for their 2020 comeback album “Project: Regeneration Vol. 1“. Static-X themselves downplayed his role.

Eisen‘s continued complaints led Edsel Dope to publicly slam Eisen several times across social media, at one point telling him in 2020, “You will always be known as that 40 year old creepy guy with “LEE PRESS ON” dreads, who targeted underage fan girls for sex. This is not my opinion.. This is a fact and it is public record.”

Eisen, a former member of Dope himself, would respond to Edsel, stating in part, “I didn’t target underage girls as I was unaware of the ages of the girls. That is why they were classified statutory offenses. This is not blaming the victim. I do not. I am at fault, and this is me taking full responsibility for doing the wrong thing in relation to the actual events.”

Now roughly two years removed from that last public blowout, a press release seemingly issued on behalf of Eisen this week spelled out his apparent hopes to still reconcile with his former bandmates:

Tripp Eisen recently extended an olive branch to his former bandmates in STATIC-X about a reconciliation. Eisen and his former band have battled in recent years over song-writing disputes and Eisen’s contributions to the STATIC-X reunion of 2019 and the subsequent 2020 album “Project Regeneration Vol. 1”.

Tripp had personally contacted each of his former friends in STATIC-X this past week in the effort to initiate an amicable dialogue. Eisen was negotiating with the band in 2019 to settle their differences and was offered some concessions, which included an offer to Tripp’s current band FACE WITHOUT FEAR to be part of the 2019 “Wisconsin Death Tripp 20th Anniversary Tour”. However, this offer was declined by Eisen for reasons that will be revealed later.

Eisen claims there are unsettled song-writing credits for both Vol. 1 and the upcoming Vol. 2 of the “Project Regeneration” albums. Among the topics mentioned in his communication with his former friends, Tripp offered to join his ex-bandmates on stage for a song during the current Rob Zombie’s “Freaks on Parade Tour”.

2020 saw the release of STATIC-X’s first album in over 10 years, Project Regeneration Vol. 1.

The album credits for “Project Regeneration” reveal that several of Tripp’s songs appear on the album; two of which, “Hollow” and “Bring You Down” were STATIC-X’s biggest single releases from the album and helped them to chart on many platforms.

In 2016, Eisen contacted Tony Campos with the idea of a STATIC-X reunion and the two began collaborating on material. Eisen offered the idea of utilizing Edsel Dope as a producer on the project; which Tripp called “Project X” at the time. But in 2020 Eisen made public statements about disputes that drew the ire of Edsel Dope, who became executive producer on the album, and who is rumored to be the band’s masked front man. Subsequently the two exchanged public jabs, jeopardizing the two former bandmates’ friendship.

Fans of both DOPE and STATIC-X may remember the feud between the two musicians after Eisen left DOPE to join STATIC-X in 2000 after both band’s most successful albums

However, Eisen hopes that his current attempt to reach to STATIC-X will be to everyone’s benefit, thereby ending any conflict, while respectfully recognizing everyone’s legitimate contributions to the catalog and history of STATIC-X.

Eisen will launch a podcast in the coming weeks to discuss his experiences in STATIC-X and his other bands, including DOPE and MURDERDOLLS, and also chronicle his past and current contributions to STATIC-X. The tell-all podcast will feature guests that have worked up-close and personally with Wayne Static and STATIC-X. Tripp will also be doing a press campaign to promote the podcast, as well as his current band FACE WITHOUT FEAR.

Eisen hopes to reconcile and come to a mutual agreement of how he and STATIC-X can coexist moving forward and avoid any future public conflict.”

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