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Ex-Static-X Guitarist Tripp Eisen Responds To Edsel Dope, Claims “I Didn’t Target Underage Girls As I Was Unaware Of The Ages Of The Girls”


Former Static-X guitarist Tripp Eisen (real name Tod Rex Salvador) set off a war of words earlier this week after issuing a press release decrying what he claims is a lack of credit for having been involved with the ongoing Static-X reunion.

Eisen, who was ejected from the band in 2005 and sentenced to prison on multiple charges after being found guilty of having had sexual relations with underage girls as young as fourteen-years-old, claimed via this press statement to have been instrumental in the band’s ongoing reunion.

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Eisen was 39-years-old at the time of his offences. At the time of his arrest, Eisen was alleged to have encountered his victims via, claiming to be a 31-year-old Static-X fan who merely dressed like Eisen.

In his recent press statement, Eisen claimed to have been involved with early meetings for the Static-X reunion and the one responsible for bringing his former Dope bandmate Edsel Dope (who is widely rumored to be current Static-X frontman ‘Xer0‘) into the fold. While Edsel‘s role in the band has never been publicly confirmed, Eisen has repeatedly asserted Dope is the musician behind the mask.

Eisen was listed among the “Project Regeneration, Vol. 1” writing credits as having been involved with three of the tracks on the band’s newly released album “Project Regeneration, Vol. 1“. Those three tracks, “Bring You Down“, “Hollow” and “Something Of My Own” appear on the album subtitled ‘(Project Regeneration)’, apparently to denote their updated versions.

The writing credits are thought to stem from their original writing sessions for the songs, with the album being built from the ground up around unreleased studio vocal tracks from the band’s late frontman Wayne Static.

Along with his statement, Eisen also provided a photo claimed to be dated September 03rd, 2016, in which he is shown to be sharing a meal with Static-X bassist/vocalist Tony Campos and Edsel Dope.

Eisen asserted in his statement that he had been involved with the Static-X reunion up until April of last year, when he took legal action against the band after being unhappy with changes being made to the material he was involved with.

Edsel Dope took to the official Dope Facebook page to unload on Eisen in response to the aforementioned press statement, lambasting him with a variety of insults about his sex offences, Wayne Static allegedly ‘hating him’ and more. Now Eisen has responded in turn with another statement of his own. It reads as follows:

Edsel Dope couldn’t refute anything I said. So he resorted to ad hominem attacks on me. It’s actually below him. I know the real Edsel Dope and he’s not a bad person, and he knows me. That’s why this was so egregious, because it’s disingenuous.

Edsel, you don’t think that I’m deplorable. Yes, we had a feud in 2001, but reconciled in 2004 at Dimebag‘s funeral. That was emotional. Then we reconnected in 2008 and were friends up through to last year.

You said I haven’t progressed, but you don’t believe this because we’ve had many heart-to-heart talks; you said you admired my ability to stay positive in the face of bad circumstances, even asking me for advice about this.

And you’ve told me how you’ve personally progressed over the years. We talked about spirituality and the concept of love. Face it, we were bros.

You know how sorry I am for what happened 15 years ago, and I’ve apologized to anyone that I hurt and that was personal, not public. I’ve apologized to Tony Campos for example. You’ve apologized to me and those in the past that you’ve hurt or mistreated, too. Remember that?

You gave your opinion of the events of my offenses from 15 years ago and you cited details that were partial and inaccurate to how things ended up. You know all of it. I took full responsibility and admitted what I did was wrong.

I didn’t target underage girls as I was unaware of the ages of the girls. That is why they were classified statutory offenses. This is not blaming the victim. I do not. I am at fault, and this is me taking full responsibility for doing the wrong thing in relation to the actual events.

You know all of this because we’ve discussed it in detail. I paid a price for it and I accepted it and dealt with it like a man. One time you said to me that you can’t imagine what I went through.

You refer to ICP and Jugalos because there is someone they are focusing on that wasn’t held accountable. I was held accountable. I support the notion of accountablity that they advocate, so I am down the Clowns, too. I advocate for responsibility for all artists and bands regarding this topic!

I have the courage to put myself out there and create new music; and I know I will be judged. And you did judge me; that’s why you said once that I deserve the chance for redemption and return to music.

It’s been 15 years and I don’t want this to define me. There are many people that know me and have worked with me throughout recent years; and you’re one of them. I stayed at your house, we ate together, went shopping and worked on songs.

Listen, I appreciate working with you in Dope and all that it did for my career. I helped you write one of Dope‘s most memorable songs ‘Die MF Die‘ and I found you your most notable members: Acey Slade, Virus, Preston Nash.

We have alot of good memories, too. Also, remember you invited me to join Dope in 2012-2013 and I have the letters you wrote back then regarding this to prove it. You even offered me to be your financial partner in the band at that time.

And, of course, I got you into this new version of Static-X. We’re connected, so why not embrace it? Instead you bash me. That’s the thanks I get, bro.

You have said that I’m trying to attach my name to Static-X. I did alot with Static-X, wrote the #2 biggest single, ‘The Only‘ and now my songs are relevant in 2020. You attached yourself to ME because I was friends with Tony Campos who is the creative heir to Static-X. That’s why you’re in this position, wearing a mask.

I reconciled with Tony Campos and with Ken Jay, and I would have reconciled with Wayne Static had he survived his drug addiction. You had a discussion with Wayne in 2014 on a short 2-week tour. Did you tell him that you and Tripp were friends now?

It was 2014 that you talked to Wayne at a point when he was suffering from addiction and he hated every former member of Static-X. So your story means nothing. Wanting credit for my part in Static-X and successful songs is not being an antagonist; but I will admit that I am kind of a victim….. of songwriting theft.

Not just mine, but Wayne‘s. You guys had no reason to change Wayne‘s music while saying you’re honoring the last pieces of art that he created. That is vandalism. You guys hired Donald Trump’s law firm to ensure that you can steal my songs. That says a lot.

I love playing music and I will continue to promote my band and am grateful for whatever level of success it brings. Why put me down? Everyone uses past associations to promote current projects. That is the nature of all in the Entertainment Business.

I know you know all these events that I chronicled, but maybe other people need to know how you really feel. Why are we even at this point? – it’s about the music, man.”

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