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Watch Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine Call Out A Roadie At ‘Barcelona Rock Fest’


Megadeth vocalist/guitarist Dave Mustaine lashed out at a roadie on an opposite stage during a performance at the ‘Barcelona Rock Fest‘. That incident took place during the band’s set this past Saturday, July 02nd, at Parc de Can Zam in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Spain.

Mustaine became incensed when a roadie (allegedly for Judas Priest‘s touring crew) began soundchecking on a separate stage while Megadeth‘s set was underway. Mustaine paused the set some six songs in to vent about the noise being generated at the other stage, offering, “We’ll wait till he’s done checking his guitar over there.”

Mustaine was then seen flipping the bird, before offering, “The last night of the tour — we went all the way to the last fucking night, and then some pussy over on the stage next to us has to start playing while we’re playing. How fucking pathetic, amateur piece of shit you are.”

He continued, “Can we proceed now? Fucking cunt.”


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