Alpha Wolf

Alpha Wolf Premiere Music Video For New Single “Hotel Underground”


A music video for the brand new single “Hotel Underground” from Australian metalcore faction Alpha Wolf has made its way to the internet. That song is among the four included on an upcoming new split with Welsh post-rock band Holding Absence. Titled “The Lost & The Longing“, that collaborative outing is headed for an August 15th release through SharpTone Records/Greyscale Records.

Alpha Wolf vocalist Lochie Keogh commented:

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“Whenever some bomb drops, there’s always those motherfuckers on the side that narrowly avoid the fallout, taking their survival as a flimsy proof of innocence, sitting with their hands over ears crying ‘La la la la.’ Roaches, rats, locusts, pests, rodents — open your ears and listen to me. Your time is coming and I’m bringing it to you.”

The Lost & The Longing” track listing:

01 – Alpha Wolf – “60cm Of Steel” (feat. Holding Absence)
02 – Alpha Wolf – “Hotel Underground
03 – Holding Absence – “Aching Longing” (feat. Alpha Wolf)
04 – Holding Absence – “Coffin

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