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Behemoth’s Nergal Once Again Acquitted In Polish Coat Of Arms Case


Behemoth vocalist/guitarist Adam “Nergal” Darski‘s latest court case has ended in another acquittal. Back in 2017 Darski, designer Rafal Wechterowicz and Behemoth webmaster Maciej G. were charged with insulting the Polish coat of arms with a Behemoth merch design. Seen as a punishable offense in their native Poland, those charges were eventually dismissed in April of 2018.

The prosecution would go on to appeal the verdict and this latest case has just recently resulted in the trio once again being acquitted. The ruling was handed down in a Gdansk court yesterday, May 06th. Per the judge’s ruling, experts determined that the design in question was seen to heavily allude to the Polish national emblem, but was in fact an original work created from scratch. As such, it did not qualify for being a direct modification of the emblem.

The prosecution had been seeking a year of imprisonment, a fine and more for the trio. The prosecution has since expressed its disapproval of this latest verdict. With this latest ruling not having been dismissed with prejudice, the prosecution can potentially file for another appeal. For now, they have indicated that they waiting for a written justification of this verdict before deciding on how to proceed.

Nergal himself commented:

“Fuck yeah! Acquitted again !!

This has begun over 3 years ago, when one of the PIS politicians felt that Behemoth has offended Polish National Emblem with a design which was used to promote Polish leg of a Behemoth‘s tour.

Obviously, nothing of such was happening. And it’s been sooo clear for everyone except for the right wing politicians and their fans. Yet the the politicized prosecutor’s office launched an investigation and accused us of insulting the Polish emblem.

3 years ago the first court hearing was held. Eventually we won and were all acquitted. Then, the prosecutor appealed and the appellate court recalled the case to the 1st instance for reconsideration.

And now we have been acquitted again! But the story continues, have your fingers crossed. Still, it’s the second battle won in a row!

ANOTHER battle won! Thank you all who made that happen, thank the Judge for being fair, open minded and reasonable. And brave in such strange times…

ART & logic vs. religious fanatics 3 : 0

***** *** i KK”

Darski has had numerous court cases in his native Poland over the years, having often run afoul of the anti-blasphemy laws in place in the deeply secular government. In 2021 he launched a crowdfunding campaign to help other artists and individuals accused of violating the country’s anti-blasphemy laws fight back.


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