Burn Release “Ill Together” Music Video


NYHC outfit Burn have released a video for their 2017 track “Ill Together“. Speaking of the song and the message shared by its accompanying music video, the band’s vocalist Chaka Malik stated:

“The video speaks to our innate human need and desire to connect. Connection, an aspect of our self-expression is often thwarted by our acknowledgement and obsession with our personal faults. In today’s day of selfies and comparing ourselves to others on social media the problem has gotten worse. This can create cycles of self-destructive behavior, that have only become more and more prevalent over the last couple of years due to COVID and the lockdowns.”

He continued:

“The idea for this video was born years ago. We’ve just gotten around to finishing and releasing it. In our opinion, it couldn’t be a more timely message. You are never alone. Keep in mind that often times someone going through their own shit who can dramatically change your life for the better is closer than you think. We heal each other, even in our brokenness.”

[via No Echo]

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