Orange 9mm

Orange 9mm Stream Remastered Version Of “Pretend I’m Human”


The newly remastered version of Orange 9mm‘s final album, 1999’s “Pretend I’m Human” is streaming online ahead of its impending reissue. This version of the album will be released digitally this Friday, June 18th, while a vinyl pressing is headed for an August 13th release through Thirty Something Records.

Frontman Chaka Malik told Revolver of it:

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“This is album is very important today as it deals with the individual, and how each one of us searches for, and assesses meaning This is both singular and collective. This conversation which occurs for each of us on both the inner and outer levels has only become more important in today’s times. The lockdowns, the loss, the solitude, the missed friendships and family members who are integral bricks in our being have been missing, forcing us to question ourselves and our lives.

We’ve had to temporarily, or in some cases permanently, replace these bricks. ‘Pretend I’m Human‘ as a collection of songs reminds me of how I’ve had to find new strength and creative ways to maximize enjoyment in the creation of my reality during troubling times.”

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