Guitarist Sean Price Has Left ERRA


Guitarist Sean Price have announced his exit from progressive metalcore outfit ERRA. A joint statement shared earlier today (March 28th) by the band and Price reads as follows:

“Hello everyone

It is time I break the news that I will no longer be playing with ERRA. I dedicated ten years of my life to the band, so this is incredibly bittersweet. Sweet because in the years leading up to now, my life has evolved in ways I could have never imagined, and I am happier than I ever have been. Bitter because it is sad to say goodbye.

However, this is not a sad departure. It is simply a new chapter for the band and me. Touring has felt more difficult part due to the recent pandemic. An already tough career choice seems only to get more challenging, but that’s why the band needs your support more than ever. I am ERRA’s biggest fan. You have no idea what the music and playing for you all did for me and my life. I am eternally grateful to all fans and my bandmates, whom I love very much.” – Sean

We support Sean 100% and he supports us moving forward. I know it may seem sudden, but this actually happened in November and was something we were all aware of on our shows in December and through the rollout of our Deluxe.

Sean played in ERRA for nearly 10 years and the memories we’ve shared together will always hold meaning for all of us. Being in a band is tough and time and again disrupts friendships, so it is with massive relief for all of us to be announcing this departure as a group of bestfriends. We wish nothing but the best for Sean in all the exciting things he has going on in his life. Nothing but love for our brother @literallyseanprice”


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