Alissa White-Gluz

Arch Enemy’s Alissa White-Gluz Has Completed Her Debut Solo Album


Arch Enemy vocalist Alissa White-Gluz has completed her long-awaited debut solo album. While release plans for it remain up in the air for now due to her commitments with Arch Enemy and their new album “Deceivers” (out July 29th,) Napalm Records will eventually release the outing when she feels the timing is right.

Speaking recently with Cryptopsy‘s Matt McGachy for ‘Vox&Hops‘, she offered the following of what to expect from the effort:

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“It doesn’t really sound like Arch Enemy, actually. It’s still me, so it’s gonna sound a little bit like Arch Enemy, but it’s kind of different. I feel like it’s kind of an amalgam of that really interesting place that you’re at when you’re a beginner musician, because although I’m not a beginner vocalist or songwriter, I am a beginner guitarist — I’m very bad at guitar. So when I’m writing songs on guitar, I have an approach that is probably totally wrong, and that’s what, I think, makes it cool.

It’s different — it’s an unorthodox approach. I mean, I can still play it, but it’s not my main instrument, so when I’m writing riffs on a guitar, I’m writing like a vocalist writing riffs on a guitar. Some could argue that that’s kind of how Michael [Amott, Arch Enemy guitarist] writes too, actually, because his riffs are so ‘sing-songy.’ But, yeah, so I wrote a bunch with Jeff [Loomis, Arch Enemy guitarist] and I wrote a bunch with a lot of other people, actually, which I don’t wanna spoil and announce them all now.

But there’s clean singing, there’s growling, of course, and other interesting vocal techniques with the note screaming and some operatic stuff. It’s a heavy album. I don’t know what genre to call it. It’s totally self-produced in that sense. It’s honest. It’s exactly what I just felt like writing for this. So there’s some prog elements, there’s some rock and roll elements, there’s a lot of metal in it, obviously. But, yeah, I’m really happy with it. So I hope that other people like it too, basically.”


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